Andrea Mitchell Height And Weight

Title: Andrea Mitchell Height and Weight: An Insight into the Accomplished Journalist’s Physical Statistics


Andrea Mitchell is a renowned American journalist, television anchor, and commentator who has made a significant impact in the field of broadcast journalism. Known for her exceptional reporting skills and deep knowledge of international affairs, Mitchell has garnered a massive fan following over the years. While her professional achievements are widely recognized, many are curious about her personal details, including her height, weight, and other relevant information. In this article, we will delve into Andrea Mitchell’s physical statistics, providing interesting facts about her and answering common questions related to her personal life.

Andrea Mitchell’s Height and Weight: 5 Interesting Facts:

1. Height and Build:
Andrea Mitchell stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm). Her graceful presence and confident demeanor contribute to her commanding on-screen presence. Mitchell maintains a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle, which reflects in her physique.

2. Weight:
As of the year 2023, Andrea Mitchell maintains a healthy weight of approximately 135 pounds (61 kg). Her dedication to overall well-being and fitness is evident through her consistent weight management.

3. Age:
Born on October 30, 1946, in New Rochelle, New York, Andrea Mitchell will turn 77 years old in 2023. Despite her age, Mitchell’s energy and enthusiasm for reporting remain unwavering, making her an inspiration to many aspiring journalists.

4. Spouse:
Andrea Mitchell is married to Alan Greenspan, an economist and former Chairman of the Federal Reserve. The couple tied the knot on April 6, 1997, in a private ceremony. Their enduring relationship is a testament to their shared values and mutual support.

5. Career Milestones:
While Mitchell’s height and weight provide insight into her physical attributes, her career achievements are equally fascinating. With over four decades of experience in journalism, she has been a prominent face on NBC News, particularly as the Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent. Mitchell has covered numerous major events, including presidential elections, international summits, and conflicts worldwide.

Common Questions about Andrea Mitchell:

1. What is Andrea Mitchell’s height and weight?
Andrea Mitchell is 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) tall and weighs approximately 135 pounds (61 kg).

2. How old is Andrea Mitchell in 2023?
Andrea Mitchell will be 77 years old in 2023.

3. Who is Andrea Mitchell married to?
Andrea Mitchell is married to Alan Greenspan, a former Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

4. What are Andrea Mitchell’s notable career achievements?
Andrea Mitchell has had a remarkable career, serving as the Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent for NBC News and covering significant events in national and international affairs.

5. What is Andrea Mitchell’s role at NBC News?
Andrea Mitchell is the Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent for NBC News, providing in-depth coverage of diplomatic relations, global conflicts, and international summits.

6. Where was Andrea Mitchell born?
Andrea Mitchell was born in New Rochelle, New York.

7. What is Andrea Mitchell’s nationality?
Andrea Mitchell is an American.

8. Does Andrea Mitchell have any children?
As of the year 2023, Andrea Mitchell and Alan Greenspan do not have any children together.

9. How long has Andrea Mitchell been a journalist?
Andrea Mitchell has been an accomplished journalist for over four decades, demonstrating her expertise and dedication to her craft.

10. Has Andrea Mitchell received any awards for her journalism?
Yes, Andrea Mitchell has been honored with numerous awards throughout her career, including the Emmy Award for Outstanding Coverage of a Current News Story.

11. What is Andrea Mitchell’s educational background?
Andrea Mitchell holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature from the University of Pennsylvania.

12. Is Andrea Mitchell an author?
Yes, Andrea Mitchell has authored a memoir titled “Talking Back…to Presidents, Dictators, and Assorted Scoundrels,” which offers insights into her experiences as a journalist.

13. Does Andrea Mitchell participate in any philanthropic activities?
Andrea Mitchell actively supports various philanthropic causes, including cancer research and advocacy for women’s rights.

14. How does Andrea Mitchell maintain her physical well-being?
Andrea Mitchell is committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and a balanced diet, to ensure her physical well-being.


Andrea Mitchell’s height, weight, and other personal details provide a glimpse into the life of this accomplished journalist. While her physical attributes are noteworthy, her extensive career and contributions to journalism speak volumes about her professional capabilities. From being the Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent to covering major global events, Andrea Mitchell has left an indelible mark on the world of broadcast journalism. As she continues to excel in her field, Mitchell’s dedication to journalism and commitment to her personal well-being serve as an inspiration to many.

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