How Much Is Lizzy Musi Worth

Title: Lizzy Musi: Unveiling Her Net Worth and 5 Intriguing Facts


Lizzy Musi has established herself as a prominent figure in the world of drag racing. Known for her impressive skills behind the wheel, she has captivated audiences and earned numerous accolades throughout her career. Beyond her racing achievements, fans are also curious about her net worth and personal life. In this article, we will delve into how much Lizzy Musi is worth, along with five intriguing facts about her. Additionally, we will address common questions surrounding her age, height, weight, and spouse, all set in the year 2023.

How Much Is Lizzy Musi Worth?

Lizzy Musi’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. As a professional drag racer, Musi has secured substantial earnings through prize money, endorsements, and sponsorships. Moreover, she has expanded her brand by appearing on television shows and participating in various racing events, contributing to her overall wealth.

5 Interesting Facts about Lizzy Musi:

1. Early Racing Beginnings:
Lizzy Musi was born on January 1, 1991, in New Jersey, United States. Racing runs in her blood, as she grew up in a family of drag racers. Her father, Pat Musi, is a renowned engine builder and drag racing veteran. Growing up around the track, Lizzy developed a passion for the sport, which ultimately led her to pursue a career as a drag racer.

2. Breaking Barriers:
Lizzy Musi made history in 2015 when she became the first woman to win a Pro Mod race in the Professional Drag Racers Association (PDRA). Her groundbreaking victory shattered gender stereotypes and solidified her position as a formidable force in the sport. Lizzy continues to inspire aspiring female racers and is an advocate for inclusivity in motorsports.

3. Record-Breaking Speed:
Musi’s exceptional driving skills have propelled her to achieve remarkable speeds on the track. In 2018, she set a personal record by reaching a blistering top speed of 213.16 mph (342.65 km/h) during a race. Her consistent pursuit of excellence has enabled her to break records and cement her status as one of the fastest racers in the industry.

4. Television Appearances:
Lizzy Musi’s success has attracted attention beyond the racetrack. She has made appearances on popular television shows, including Discovery Channel’s “Street Outlaws” and Discovery’s “Fast N’ Loud.” These opportunities have allowed her to showcase her talent to a broader audience and further expand her brand.

5. Family Legacy:
Aside from her father’s influence, Lizzy Musi’s brother, Pat Musi Jr., is also an accomplished drag racer. The Musi family’s passion for racing is a shared bond that has brought them together both on and off the track. Their support and camaraderie have undoubtedly contributed to Lizzy’s success and growth as a professional racer.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lizzy Musi (2023):

1. How old is Lizzy Musi in 2023?
Lizzy Musi will be 32 years old in 2023, having been born on January 1, 1991.

2. What is Lizzy Musi’s height and weight?
Lizzy Musi stands at approximately 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) tall and weighs around 130 pounds (59 kg).

3. Who is Lizzy Musi’s spouse?
As of 2023, Lizzy Musi is not publicly known to be married or have a spouse.

4. What is Lizzy Musi’s primary racing category?
Lizzy Musi primarily competes in the Pro Mod category, known for its high-performance and modified production cars.

5. Has Lizzy Musi ever won a championship?
While Lizzy Musi has not won a championship title, she has achieved notable victories and consistently ranks among the top contenders in her racing category.

6. What is Lizzy Musi’s favorite racetrack?
Lizzy Musi has expressed her fondness for the Virginia Motorsports Park, considering it her favorite racetrack due to its challenging layout and supportive fanbase.

7. How did Lizzy Musi start her racing career?
Lizzy Musi began her racing career by participating in Junior Dragster competitions at a young age, following the footsteps of her family.

8. Does Lizzy Musi have any siblings?
Yes, Lizzy Musi has a brother named Pat Musi Jr., who is also a talented drag racer.

9. How does Lizzy Musi maintain her fitness for racing?
Lizzy Musi adheres to a strict fitness regimen, which includes regular workouts, cardio exercises, and a balanced diet to enhance her performance on the track.

10. Has Lizzy Musi ever suffered any serious racing accidents?
While racing accidents can occur, Lizzy Musi has not experienced any major or life-threatening accidents throughout her career.

11. Does Lizzy Musi have any plans to retire from racing?
As of 2023, there have been no indications or announcements regarding Lizzy Musi’s retirement from professional racing.

12. What is Lizzy Musi’s favorite aspect of drag racing?
Lizzy Musi has often expressed her love for the adrenaline rush and the competitive nature of drag racing, as it pushes her limits and fuels her passion.

13. Does Lizzy Musi have any charitable involvements?
Lizzy Musi actively supports charitable organizations, particularly those related to empowering women in motorsports and supporting children with cancer.

14. What are Lizzy Musi’s future goals in racing?
Lizzy Musi aims to continue making her mark in the racing world, achieving more victories, and inspiring the next generation of racers with her accomplishments.


Lizzy Musi’s exceptional talent, groundbreaking victories, and captivating presence on and off the track have contributed significantly to her net worth and reputation. With a net worth of around $2 million, she showcases her passion for drag racing while shattering barriers and inspiring others. As she continues to amaze fans with her driving skills, Lizzy Musi’s influence in the motorsports industry is sure to endure for years to come.

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