How Old Is Alex Manos

Title: Alex Manos: Unveiling the Ageless Enigma


In the realm of classic car aficionados, Alex Manos is a well-known name, synonymous with expertise, passion, and an unparalleled enthusiasm for vintage automobiles. While his automotive prowess has made him a household name, the enigma surrounding his age remains a tantalizing mystery. In this article, we delve into the life of Alex Manos, exploring his age, intriguing facts, and addressing commonly asked questions about this captivating figure.

How Old Is Alex Manos?

The age of Alex Manos, as of the year 2023, remains undisclosed. The prominent classic car dealer has managed to keep this detail private, adding to the allure that surrounds him. However, it is widely believed that his extensive knowledge and experience in the classic car industry spans several decades.

Five Interesting Facts About Alex Manos:

1. Classic Car Empire: Alex Manos is the president and owner of Beverly Hills Car Club, a premier dealership specializing in classic cars. With an extensive inventory of over 300 vintage vehicles, his empire has garnered international recognition.

2. Passionate Collector: Alex Manos’ love for classic cars extends beyond his business endeavors. He is an avid collector himself, boasting an extraordinary personal collection of timeless automobiles. His personal fleet includes iconic models from brands like Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Porsche, and many others.

3. Global Reach: Despite being based in Beverly Hills, California, Alex Manos has built a global network of clients and collectors. His expertise and reputation have attracted classic car enthusiasts from around the world, making him a sought-after figure in the industry.

4. Philanthropic Efforts: Beyond his commercial success, Alex Manos actively supports charitable causes. He has been involved in various philanthropic initiatives, showcasing his commitment to making a positive impact in communities beyond the realm of classic cars.

5. Expert Appraiser: With his vast knowledge and experience, Alex Manos is considered an authority in appraising classic cars. His expertise has been sought after for valuations, ensuring that both buyers and sellers receive accurate assessments of their prized automobiles.

Commonly Asked Questions about Alex Manos:

1. How tall is Alex Manos?
The exact height of Alex Manos is not publicly available.

2. What is Alex Manos’ weight?
Alex Manos’ weight is not disclosed publicly.

3. Is Alex Manos married?
Information about Alex Manos’ marital status is not publicly known.

4. How did Alex Manos become interested in classic cars?
Alex Manos’ passion for classic cars developed at a young age. Growing up, he was exposed to his family’s collection, which sparked an enduring fascination with these timeless vehicles.

5. How did Alex Manos establish Beverly Hills Car Club?
After recognizing the demand for classic cars and the absence of a reliable dealership, Alex Manos founded Beverly Hills Car Club in the early years of his career. Through dedication and hard work, he transformed it into an internationally recognized establishment.

6. What is the size of Alex Manos’ personal classic car collection?
The exact number of vehicles in Alex Manos’ personal collection is not publicly disclosed. However, it is known to comprise a wide range of iconic and rare classic cars.

7. How does Alex Manos source his classic cars?
Alex Manos employs a vast network of connections, both nationally and internationally, to source his classic cars. These connections include private collectors, auctions, and other dealerships.

8. Has Alex Manos appeared on television shows or documentaries?
Yes, Alex Manos has made appearances on various television shows and documentaries dedicated to classic cars. His expertise and insights have been sought after by renowned media outlets.

9. Does Alex Manos provide restoration services for classic cars?
While Beverly Hills Car Club focuses primarily on the sales aspect, they have a network of trusted restoration experts they can recommend to clients.

10. Can individuals sell their classic cars to Alex Manos?
Yes, Alex Manos and his team at Beverly Hills Car Club are always interested in acquiring classic cars. They offer a streamlined process for sellers, ensuring a fair and hassle-free experience.

11. What is the most valuable classic car sold by Alex Manos?
While specific details may not be readily available, Alex Manos has dealt with numerous high-value classic cars throughout his career. His expertise enables him to accurately assess and handle rare and valuable vehicles.

12. Does Alex Manos offer financing options for classic car purchases?
Yes, Beverly Hills Car Club provides financing options for qualified buyers, allowing them to acquire their dream classic car with greater ease.

13. How can one contact Alex Manos or Beverly Hills Car Club?
Individuals interested in contacting Alex Manos or Beverly Hills Car Club can visit their official website or utilize the provided contact information for inquiries and assistance.

14. What advice does Alex Manos offer to aspiring classic car collectors?
Alex Manos emphasizes the importance of thorough research, understanding the market trends, and building a network of trusted professionals. He encourages aspiring collectors to pursue their passion and invest in classic cars they genuinely love.


Alex Manos, the visionary behind Beverly Hills Car Club, continues to captivate classic car enthusiasts with his expertise, passion, and seemingly ageless demeanor. While his age remains undisclosed, his indelible mark on the classic car industry is undeniable. Whether through his remarkable personal collection, philanthropic endeavors, or his reputable dealership, Alex Manos continues to inspire and fuel the passion for classic automobiles among enthusiasts worldwide.

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