How Old Is Holly Furtick

Title: How Old Is Holly Furtick: Unveiling Interesting Facts About Her


Holly Furtick is a well-known figure in the Christian community, renowned for her influential role as the wife of Pastor Steven Furtick. While she is often recognized as the supportive spouse of the Elevation Church’s lead pastor, Holly Furtick has also made a name for herself through her philanthropic work and compassionate nature. In this article, we explore intriguing details about Holly Furtick, including her age, height, weight, spouse, and other relevant information. Additionally, we address some commonly asked questions to provide a comprehensive overview of this remarkable woman.

How Old Is Holly Furtick?

As of the year 2023, Holly Furtick is 41 years old. Born on January 4, 1982, she continues to inspire and impact the lives of many through her unwavering faith and compassionate endeavors.

Interesting Facts about Holly Furtick:

1. Philanthropic Pursuits:
Holly Furtick is actively involved in philanthropic endeavors. Together with her husband, she founded the Elevation Outreach program, which supports local communities through various initiatives, including food drives, educational programs, and aid for those in need.

2. Supportive Spouse:
Holly Furtick stands by her husband, Pastor Steven Furtick, in his ministry at Elevation Church. She plays an integral role in supporting the vision and mission of the church, uplifting and encouraging the congregation.

3. Passion for Education:
Holly Furtick earned a Bachelor’s degree in Education from North Greenville University. Her passion for education is reflected in her involvement in programs aimed at empowering individuals through knowledge and learning.

4. Love for Family:
Holly Furtick cherishes her role as a mother to three children: Elijah, Graham, and Abbey. She prioritizes her family and endeavors to create a nurturing and loving environment for them.

5. Inspiring Social Media Presence:
Holly Furtick actively engages with her followers on social media platforms, where she shares motivational content, snippets of her life, and insights into her faith journey. Her positive influence has garnered a substantial following, inspiring many individuals around the world.

Common Questions about Holly Furtick:

1. Is Holly Furtick older or younger than her husband?
Holly Furtick is younger than her husband, Pastor Steven Furtick. She was born in 1982, while Steven was born in 1980.

2. What is Holly Furtick’s height and weight?
Unfortunately, specific details about Holly Furtick’s height and weight are not publicly available.

3. How did Holly Furtick meet Steven Furtick?
Holly and Steven Furtick met while attending college at North Greenville University. They eventually got married in June 2002.

4. What is Holly Furtick’s role at Elevation Church?
Holly Furtick is an integral part of Elevation Church, supporting her husband’s ministry and actively participating in various outreach programs.

5. Does Holly Furtick have any siblings?
While information about Holly Furtick’s siblings is not widely known, it is believed that she has a sister named Heather.

6. What are Holly Furtick’s hobbies and interests?
Though specific details about her hobbies are not widely publicized, Holly Furtick has expressed her passion for reading and learning.

7. Is Holly Furtick active on social media?
Yes, Holly Furtick is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, where she shares uplifting and inspirational content with her followers.

8. What is the couple’s net worth?
As of 2023, Holly and Steven Furtick’s net worth is estimated to be around $60 million, primarily derived from Steven’s successful career as a pastor and author.

9. Does Holly Furtick have any published works?
While Holly Furtick hasn’t published any books herself, she has played a supportive role in Steven Furtick’s writing career, providing invaluable insights and inspiration.

10. How does Holly Furtick contribute to Elevation Outreach?
Holly Furtick actively participates in Elevation Outreach programs, supporting initiatives that focus on community development, education, and aiding those in need.

11. What is Holly Furtick’s favorite Bible verse?
While specific details about her favorite Bible verse are not widely known, Holly Furtick often shares verses of encouragement and inspiration on her social media platforms.

12. Does Holly Furtick have any professional experience in education?
Holly Furtick holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education, which has provided her with a solid foundation and understanding of educational practices.

13. How does Holly Furtick balance her family life with her public responsibilities?
Holly Furtick places significant importance on her family and ensures a balanced approach to her public responsibilities, prioritizing quality time with her husband and children.

14. What role does Holly Furtick play in the Elevation Church community?
Holly Furtick serves as an inspiration to the Elevation Church community, demonstrating her unwavering faith, compassion, and dedication to uplifting others.


Holly Furtick’s journey showcases her remarkable dedication to her family, community, and faith. As a supportive spouse, philanthropist, and education enthusiast, she continues to positively impact the lives of many. Holly Furtick’s unwavering commitment to making a difference in the world exemplifies the power of faith, love, and compassion.

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