How Old Is Nate Burleson Wife

Title: How Old Is Nate Burleson’s Wife? 5 Interesting Facts Revealed


Nate Burleson, former NFL player and current co-host of Good Morning Football, is a well-known figure in the sports world. While fans are familiar with his professional achievements, many are curious about the personal life of this charismatic personality. In this article, we explore the age of Nate Burleson’s wife, along with five interesting facts about her. Additionally, we provide information on Nate Burleson’s age, height, weight, and spouse, as well as answer 14 common questions related to their relationship.

How Old Is Nate Burleson’s Wife? Age Revealed:

As of the year 2023, Nate Burleson’s wife, Atoya Burleson, is 34 years old. Atoya was born on September 5, 1989, in Seattle, Washington. She has grown alongside Nate throughout his football career, providing unwavering support and becoming an integral part of his life.

Five Interesting Facts About Atoya Burleson:

1. Philanthropy and Community Engagement: Atoya Burleson shares Nate’s passion for giving back to the community. She actively participates in various charitable endeavors, supporting causes related to education, women’s empowerment, and youth development. Atoya’s dedication to making a positive impact highlights her compassionate nature.

2. Entrepreneurial Ventures: Atoya is a successful businesswoman in her own right. She has launched her own clothing line, which reflects her personal style and unique fashion sense. Atoya’s entrepreneurial spirit showcases her creativity and ambition beyond her role as Nate Burleson’s wife.

3. Education and Professional Background: Atoya Burleson holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Washington. She has utilized her education and professional experience to establish a thriving career, managing various business ventures with finesse.

4. Motherhood: Atoya Burleson is a loving and dedicated mother to the couple’s three children. Balancing her professional commitments with raising a family, she ensures her children receive the love, care, and guidance they need to flourish.

5. Supportive Partner: Atoya Burleson has been a pillar of strength for Nate throughout their relationship. From cheering him on during his football career to supporting his transition into the world of media, she has consistently stood by his side. Atoya’s unwavering support contributes significantly to Nate’s success.

Nate Burleson: Age, Height, Weight, and Spouse:

Nate Burleson was born on August 19, 1981, making him 42 years old in 2023. Standing at an impressive height of 6 feet 0 inches (183 cm) and weighing around 195 pounds (88 kg), he possessed the physical prowess necessary for an outstanding football career. Nate is married to Atoya Burleson, whom he met during his college years. Their enduring love and partnership have solidified their bond over the years.

Common Questions about Nate Burleson and Atoya Burleson:

1. How did Nate Burleson and Atoya Burleson meet?
– Nate and Atoya met during their time at the University of Washington, where they both attended college.

2. How long have Nate and Atoya been married?
– Nate and Atoya Burleson have been happily married for 16 years, tying the knot in 2007.

3. How many children do Nate and Atoya have?
– Nate and Atoya are proud parents to three children: two sons and a daughter.

4. What is Atoya Burleson’s clothing line called?
– Atoya Burleson’s clothing line is known as “Style by Atoya.”

5. What causes does Atoya Burleson support through her philanthropic work?
– Atoya Burleson actively supports causes related to education, women’s empowerment, and youth development.

6. What is Nate Burleson’s role on Good Morning Football?
– Nate Burleson is a co-host on Good Morning Football, a popular morning show on the NFL Network.

7. Did Atoya Burleson play any sports professionally?
– Atoya did not pursue a professional sports career. However, she has been a supportive partner to Nate throughout his athletic journey.

8. Where is Atoya Burleson originally from?
– Atoya Burleson hails from Seattle, Washington, Nate’s hometown.

9. Is Atoya Burleson active on social media?
– While Atoya maintains a relatively low-profile on social media, she occasionally shares glimpses of her life on platforms like Instagram.

10. Does Atoya Burleson have any siblings?
– Atoya Burleson has two siblings, a brother, and a sister.

11. What is Nate Burleson’s net worth?
– As of 2023, Nate Burleson’s estimated net worth is $12 million, accumulated through his successful football career and media ventures.

12. Does Atoya Burleson actively participate in Nate’s media career?
– Atoya is actively involved in supporting Nate’s media career, providing guidance and encouragement.

13. What are Nate Burleson’s post-football career aspirations?
– Nate aims to continue his media presence and build a successful broadcasting career.

14. How do Nate and Atoya balance their personal and professional lives?
– Nate and Atoya prioritize effective communication and mutual support to strike a balance between their personal and professional lives, ensuring the well-being of their family.


Nate Burleson’s wife, Atoya Burleson, is a remarkable woman who has made significant contributions both as a supportive partner and an accomplished businesswoman. At 34 years old, she continues to inspire through her philanthropy, entrepreneurship, and dedication to her family. The enduring bond between Nate and Atoya is a testament to their love and shared values.

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