How Tall Is Ladd Drummond

Title: How Tall Is Ladd Drummond: Unveiling the Height of the Pioneer Woman’s Husband


Ladd Drummond, also known as “The Marlboro Man,” gained widespread fame through his appearances on the popular Food Network show, The Pioneer Woman. As the husband of Ree Drummond, the show’s host, Ladd has become a beloved figure in the culinary world. While many fans admire his rugged charm and ranching expertise, there is one question that often arises – how tall is Ladd Drummond? In this article, we will delve into Ladd Drummond’s height and reveal five interesting facts about him. Additionally, we will address some commonly asked questions about his personal and professional life.

Ladd Drummond’s Height: Unveiling the Mystery

1. Height revelation:
Ladd Drummond stands tall at an impressive height of 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm). His towering stature adds to his charismatic persona, making him a prominent figure on the ranch and in the kitchen.

2. Nickname: “The Marlboro Man”:
Ladd Drummond earned the nickname “The Marlboro Man” due to his rugged cowboy persona and resemblance to the iconic character featured in the Marlboro cigarette advertisements. His tall stature and authentic cowboy charm have made him a favorite among fans of The Pioneer Woman.

3. Ranching career:
Ladd Drummond is not only known for his appearance on the television show but also for his successful ranching career. He owns a vast cattle ranch spanning over 433,000 acres in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Ladd oversees the operations on the Drummond Ranch and has built a reputation as a skilled and dedicated rancher.

4. Family life:
Ladd Drummond is happily married to Ree Drummond, better known as The Pioneer Woman. The couple tied the knot in 1996 and has since welcomed four children into their lives – Alex, Paige, Bryce, and Todd. Their loving and supportive relationship is often showcased on The Pioneer Woman, capturing the hearts of viewers worldwide.

5. Business ventures:
Apart from his ranching endeavors, Ladd Drummond has also ventured into the business world. He is a co-owner of The Mercantile, a popular restaurant, bakery, and store located in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. The Mercantile has become a significant attraction for tourists, who flock to experience the Drummond family’s hospitality and delicious comfort food.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How old is Ladd Drummond?
As of 2023, Ladd Drummond is 55 years old.

2. What is Ladd Drummond’s height and weight?
Ladd Drummond stands tall at 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm) and has a strong, athletic build. Although his exact weight is not publicly known, he appears to maintain a healthy physique.

3. What is Ladd Drummond’s occupation?
Ladd Drummond is primarily a rancher and oversees the operations on the Drummond Ranch. He is also involved in the family business, The Mercantile.

4. How did Ladd Drummond and Ree Drummond meet?
Ladd and Ree Drummond met while attending the same college, Oklahoma State University. They fell in love and got married in 1996, beginning their wonderful journey together.

5. Does Ladd Drummond have any siblings?
Yes, Ladd Drummond has two brothers named Tim and Todd Drummond. They are often seen together on The Pioneer Woman, showcasing their close bond.

6. What is Ladd Drummond’s net worth?
As of 2023, Ladd Drummond’s net worth is estimated to be around $200 million, primarily accumulated through his successful ranching endeavors and various business ventures.

7. Does Ladd Drummond cook?
While Ladd Drummond is known for his ranching expertise, he is not extensively involved in cooking on The Pioneer Woman. However, he occasionally shows off his grilling skills and assists Ree with preparing family meals.

8. What are some of Ladd Drummond’s hobbies?
Ladd Drummond enjoys spending time with his family, ranching, and engaging in outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing.

9. Does Ladd Drummond have social media accounts?
No, Ladd Drummond doesn’t have any public social media accounts. He prefers to maintain a more private life compared to his wife, Ree Drummond, who actively shares updates and interacts with fans on social media.

10. Where is the Drummond Ranch located?
The Drummond Ranch is located in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, covering an extensive area of over 433,000 acres.

11. What is Ladd Drummond’s role on The Pioneer Woman?
Ladd Drummond often makes appearances on The Pioneer Woman, showcasing his ranching skills, assisting with outdoor activities, and providing support to Ree in the kitchen.

12. Does Ladd Drummond have any pets?
Yes, Ladd Drummond and his family have various pets, including dogs, cats, and horses, which are often featured on The Pioneer Woman.

13. What is Ladd Drummond’s favorite comfort food?
Ladd Drummond has a fondness for hearty, home-cooked meals. His favorite comfort foods include steak, mashed potatoes, and homemade pies.

14. Does Ladd Drummond have any upcoming projects?
While specific details about upcoming projects are not readily available, Ladd Drummond continues to focus on his ranching and business ventures, ensuring the growth and success of the Drummond family’s enterprises.


Ladd Drummond, with his tall stature, ranching expertise, and co-starring role on The Pioneer Woman, has captivated viewers around the world. Standing at 6 feet 4 inches tall, Ladd exemplifies the rugged charm of a cowboy, earning him the nickname “The Marlboro Man.” With a successful career as a rancher and business owner, Ladd Drummond adds tremendous value to the Drummond family legacy. As fans continue to follow his journey, they eagerly anticipate his appearances on The Pioneer Woman and the continued success of the Drummond Ranch and The Mercantile.

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