How Tall Is Mike Glover

Title: How Tall Is Mike Glover: Unveiling the Enigmatic Stature of the Former Green Beret


Mike Glover, a renowned former Green Beret and founder of Fieldcraft Survival, has captivated the attention of many with his remarkable military career and expertise in survival training. Aspiring to unravel the enigma surrounding his physicality, this article delves into the question that has piqued the curiosity of many: How tall is Mike Glover? Additionally, we present five intriguing facts about this extraordinary individual, along with answers to some common questions.

How Tall Is Mike Glover?

The exact height of Mike Glover has not been publicly disclosed. However, various sources and visual comparisons suggest that he stands approximately 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) tall. His well-built physique, coupled with his authoritative presence, exudes an air of confidence and strength.

Interesting Facts about Mike Glover:

1. Distinctive Military Background:
Mike Glover served as a Green Beret in the United States Army, accumulating over 18 years of experience in special operations. With expertise in intelligence, survival, and security operations, he has conducted missions in numerous countries worldwide, making him a highly respected figure in the military community.

2. Fieldcraft Survival Founder:
After retiring from the military, Glover founded Fieldcraft Survival, a company dedicated to providing civilians, law enforcement, and military personnel with training in tactical survival, self-defense, and emergency preparedness. His commitment to empowering individuals to navigate challenging situations has garnered immense recognition.

3. Safety Advocate:
Glover is a staunch advocate for safety and preparedness. Through his online platforms and training programs, he educates people on various aspects of survival, including self-defense, medical aid, and wilderness survival skills. His efforts have helped countless individuals develop the necessary skills to protect themselves and their loved ones.

4. Podcast Host:
As an influential figure in the survival and preparedness community, Glover hosts the Fieldcraft Survival Podcast. Through informative discussions and interviews with experts, he imparts invaluable knowledge on topics ranging from self-defense tactics to mental resilience. The podcast has gained significant popularity for its engaging content and insightful conversations.

5. Humanitarian Efforts:
Beyond his military and survival expertise, Glover is actively involved in humanitarian efforts. His passion for helping others has led him to participate in charitable missions worldwide, including disaster relief operations and community development projects. This demonstrates his dedication to making a positive impact, both on and off the battlefield.

Common Questions about Mike Glover:

1. How old is Mike Glover in 2023?
As of 2023, Mike Glover is currently in his early 40s. (Note: Mike Glover’s exact birthdate is not publicly available.)

2. What is Mike Glover’s height and weight?
While Mike Glover’s exact height and weight are not officially disclosed, estimates suggest that he stands around 6 feet 2 inches tall (188 cm) with a well-built physique.

3. Is Mike Glover married?
Yes, Mike Glover is married. However, specific details about his spouse are not publicly known.

4. What inspired Mike Glover to start Fieldcraft Survival?
Glover’s extensive military experience and passion for preparedness inspired him to establish Fieldcraft Survival. He recognized the need to equip individuals with essential skills to navigate challenging situations.

5. How can one attend Mike Glover’s survival training programs?
To participate in Fieldcraft Survival’s training programs, individuals can visit the company’s official website ( for detailed information on available courses, locations, and registration.

6. What topics does Mike Glover cover on the Fieldcraft Survival Podcast?
Mike Glover covers a wide range of topics on the Fieldcraft Survival Podcast, including survival skills, self-defense techniques, mental resilience, emergency preparedness, and interviews with experts from various fields.

7. Has Mike Glover written any books?
As of 2023, Mike Glover has not authored any books. However, he regularly shares his expertise and insights through his podcast, interviews, and online platforms.

8. What are Mike Glover’s future plans for Fieldcraft Survival?
While specific future plans may vary, Fieldcraft Survival aims to continue expanding its training programs, reach a broader audience, and empower individuals to be self-reliant in challenging situations.

9. Has Mike Glover been involved in any movies or TV shows?
As of 2023, Mike Glover has not been involved in any movies or TV shows. However, his wealth of experience and expertise make him a sought-after consultant and expert in the field of survival and tactical operations.

10. Does Mike Glover offer online training programs?
Yes, Fieldcraft Survival provides online training programs, allowing individuals to learn essential survival skills from the comfort of their homes. These courses cover a wide array of topics and cater to various skill levels.

11. What is the duration of Mike Glover’s survival training programs?
The duration of Fieldcraft Survival’s training programs varies depending on the specific course. They range from single-day seminars to multi-day immersive experiences, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of survival techniques.

12. Does Mike Glover conduct international training programs?
Yes, Fieldcraft Survival offers international training programs in select locations. These programs provide participants with the opportunity to learn survival skills in diverse environments and cultures.

13. Can anyone attend Mike Glover’s training programs, regardless of their fitness level?
Fieldcraft Survival’s training programs cater to individuals of all fitness levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, the courses are designed to accommodate various skill sets and physical abilities.

14. How can one stay updated with Mike Glover’s latest endeavors?
To stay informed about Mike Glover’s latest initiatives, individuals can follow him on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, or visit the Fieldcraft Survival website for updates and announcements.


Mike Glover’s exact height remains a mystery, but his towering presence and exceptional accomplishments have made him an influential figure in the world of survival training. Through Fieldcraft Survival, his dedication to empowering others and promoting safety has resonated with countless individuals. As we continue to observe his journey, Mike Glover’s impact on the survival community is sure to endure for years to come.

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