How Tall Is Rickey Smiley

Title: Rickey Smiley’s Height: Unveiling the Comedian’s Stature and Fascinating Facts


Rickey Smiley, known for his infectious humor and captivating stage presence, has charmed audiences worldwide with his stand-up comedy and radio hosting skills. While his comedic talent is undeniably remarkable, many fans often wonder about his physical attributes, particularly his height. In this article, we will delve into the height of Rickey Smiley, shed light on interesting facts about the comedian, and provide answers to some commonly asked questions.

How Tall Is Rickey Smiley: Unlocking the Mystery:

Rickey Smiley stands tall at an impressive height of 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm). With his towering stature, he commands attention both on stage and off, adding to his charismatic presence. This height places him above the average height for American men, further enhancing his stage presence and larger-than-life persona.

Interesting Facts about Rickey Smiley:

1. Multifaceted Talent: Beyond his stand-up comedy, Smiley is a successful television host, actor, author, and radio personality. He has hosted the popular Rickey Smiley Morning Show since 2008, captivating audiences with his wit and humor.

2. Humanitarian Efforts: Despite his busy schedule, Smiley remains committed to giving back to the community. He actively supports numerous charitable organizations and frequently engages in philanthropic endeavors, particularly those focused on education and youth empowerment.

3. Acting Ventures: Smiley has ventured into the world of acting, showcasing his versatility and talent. He has appeared in several television shows and movies, including “Friday After Next” and “Baggage Claim,” further expanding his reach beyond the comedy circuit.

4. Authorship: In addition to his entertainment ventures, Smiley has authored several books. His works, such as “Stand by Your Truth: And Then Run for Your Life!” and “Rickey Smiley’s Prank Calls,” provide readers with insights into his life, experiences, and unique perspective on humor.

5. Personal Life: Rickey Smiley was born on August 10, 1968, making him 54 years old in the year 2023. While he keeps his personal life relatively private, it is known that he is a proud father to four children. As for his spouse, Smiley has not publicly disclosed any information regarding marriage or a current partner.

Common Questions about Rickey Smiley:

1. What is Rickey Smiley’s height?
Rickey Smiley stands at an impressive 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) tall.

2. How old is Rickey Smiley?
As of the year 2023, Rickey Smiley is 54 years old.

3. Is Rickey Smiley married?
Rickey Smiley has not publicly disclosed any information regarding his marital status.

4. How many children does Rickey Smiley have?
Rickey Smiley is a proud father of four children.

5. What is Rickey Smiley’s most popular show?
Rickey Smiley gained immense popularity through his radio show, the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, which has been on air since 2008.

6. Does Rickey Smiley have any other talents besides comedy?
Yes, in addition to his comedy career, Smiley has delved into acting, hosting, writing books, and engaging in philanthropic endeavors.

7. What are some of Rickey Smiley’s notable acting roles?
Rickey Smiley has appeared in several television shows and movies, including “Friday After Next” and “Baggage Claim.”

8. How does Rickey Smiley contribute to his community?
Smiley actively supports various charitable organizations and frequently engages in philanthropic endeavors, particularly those focused on education and youth empowerment.

9. What inspired Rickey Smiley to become a comedian?
Smiley’s passion for comedy stemmed from a desire to bring joy and laughter to people’s lives, serving as an escape from life’s challenges.

10. Has Rickey Smiley won any awards for his work?
Yes, Smiley has received recognition for his contributions to the entertainment industry, including several NAACP Image Awards nominations.

11. Does Rickey Smiley have any upcoming projects?
While specific details may vary, Smiley continues to pursue various entertainment ventures, including stand-up shows, television appearances, and potential book releases.

12. Where can I listen to the Rickey Smiley Morning Show?
The Rickey Smiley Morning Show airs on various radio stations across the United States. It may also be available through online streaming platforms.

13. How can I connect with Rickey Smiley on social media?
Rickey Smiley actively engages with his fans on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. His official accounts can be found under his name.

14. Are there any plans for a Rickey Smiley tour?
Stay updated on Rickey Smiley’s official website or social media platforms for the latest information on upcoming tours and live shows.


Rickey Smiley, with his towering height of 6 feet 2 inches, stands tall not only physically but also within the entertainment industry. From his standout comedy performances to his philanthropic efforts, Smiley continues to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide. With his multifaceted talent and engaging personality, he remains one of the most beloved comedians of our time.

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