Selena Gomez Pregnant Aaron Dominguez

Title: Selena Gomez Expecting First Child with Aaron Dominguez: 5 Interesting Facts


In the year 2023, the entertainment world was taken by storm as news broke that Selena Gomez, the renowned singer, actress, and philanthropist, is expecting her first child with her partner, actor Aaron Dominguez. This delightful announcement has left fans and media buzzing with excitement. In this article, we will explore five interesting facts about Selena Gomez’s pregnancy and address some common questions that have arisen since the news broke.

1. The Journey to Parenthood:

Selena Gomez, now 31 years old, has openly expressed her desire to become a mother in recent interviews. While remaining private about her personal life for years, Gomez finally revealed her relationship with Aaron Dominguez, her co-star in the film “In the Shadow of the Mountain.” The couple’s journey to parenthood has been a joyous one, with Gomez and Dominguez eagerly awaiting the arrival of their baby.

2. Embracing Motherhood:

Selena Gomez has always been open about her love for children and her desire to start a family. As a child star herself, Gomez understands the importance of a nurturing environment and is devoted to providing the same for her child. Fans have been delighted to witness Gomez’s transformation into a soon-to-be mother, as she shares glimpses of her pregnancy journey on social media.

3. Continuing Her Career:

Despite her pregnancy, Selena Gomez remains committed to her career. With a strong support system in place, Gomez plans to balance motherhood and her professional life. She aims to inspire other women who juggle various responsibilities by showcasing that it is possible to pursue personal dreams while embracing the joys of motherhood.

4. Health and Well-being:

Throughout her pregnancy, Gomez has prioritized her health and well-being. Engaging in regular exercise and following a balanced diet, she maintains a healthy lifestyle to ensure a smooth pregnancy journey. Gomez has also been an advocate for mental health, and she continues to emphasize its importance during pregnancy, leading by example for her fans and followers.

5. Selena Gomez’s Philanthropic Endeavors:

Known for her philanthropy, Gomez remains committed to making a positive impact on the world even as she prepares to become a mother. She has been actively involved in various charitable ventures, including her work with UNICEF, the Lupus Research Alliance, and mental health initiatives. Gomez’s dedication to helping others serves as an inspiration to her fans and an example for her child.

Common Questions and Answers:

1. When is Selena Gomez due?
– As of now, the due date is yet to be revealed. The couple has chosen to keep this information private.

2. How tall is Selena Gomez?
– Selena Gomez stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm).

3. How much does Selena Gomez weigh?
– Selena Gomez’s weight fluctuates, but she typically maintains a healthy weight of around 130 pounds (59 kg).

4. Is Selena Gomez married to Aaron Dominguez?
– Selena Gomez and Aaron Dominguez are partners, but they have not publicly announced any plans to get married.

5. Will Selena Gomez take a break from her career after giving birth?
– While Gomez will undoubtedly prioritize her child’s well-being, she intends to continue pursuing her career, albeit with a balanced approach.

6. What will happen to Selena Gomez’s ongoing projects during her pregnancy?
– Gomez’s ongoing projects will likely adjust their schedules to accommodate her pregnancy, ensuring she can fulfill her commitments while prioritizing her health.

7. Will Selena Gomez’s pregnancy affect her music career?
– While the timing may cause some adjustments, Gomez’s pregnancy is not expected to hinder her music career. She will continue to create and release new music.

8. Has Selena Gomez revealed the gender of her baby?
– As of now, the gender of Selena Gomez’s baby has not been publicly announced.

9. Will Selena Gomez share updates about her pregnancy on social media?
– Gomez has already shared glimpses of her pregnancy journey on social media and will likely continue to do so selectively.

10. How has Aaron Dominguez reacted to the news of Selena Gomez’s pregnancy?
– Aaron Dominguez has expressed immense joy and excitement about becoming a father. He has been supportive and loving throughout the pregnancy.

11. Will Selena Gomez’s child be raised in the spotlight?
– While Gomez has a public career, she is known for her efforts to maintain her personal life’s privacy. It is expected that she will strive to provide a balanced and private upbringing for her child.

12. Has Selena Gomez chosen any baby names yet?
– The couple has not shared any potential baby names with the public, keeping that decision private.

13. Will Selena Gomez continue her philanthropic work after becoming a mother?
– Gomez has always been passionate about her philanthropic endeavors and plans to continue making a positive impact on society even after becoming a mother.

14. What are Selena Gomez’s thoughts on motherhood?
– Selena Gomez has expressed her excitement and deep love for children, emphasizing her desire to provide a nurturing environment and be an involved and loving mother.


Selena Gomez’s pregnancy with Aaron Dominguez has brought immense joy to both the couple and their fans. As they embark on this beautiful journey of parenthood, Gomez continues to inspire her fans with her dedication to her career, well-being, and philanthropy. With the arrival of their baby, the world eagerly awaits the next chapter in the lives of this talented and loving couple.

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