South Beach Tow Where Are They Now

Title: South Beach Tow: Where Are They Now? A Look into the Lives of the Cast Members in 2023

South Beach Tow, the popular reality television series that provided viewers with a thrilling glimpse into the world of vehicle repossession, left an indelible mark on its audience during its run from 2011 to 2014. The show’s cast members became household names, and fans have often wondered what happened to them after the series concluded. In this article, we delve into the lives of the South Beach Tow cast members and provide five interesting facts about their current whereabouts. Additionally, we address 14 common questions that viewers frequently ask, shedding light on their personal lives, including age, height, weight, and marital status.

1. Bernice Bishop:
– Where is she now? Bernice moved on from the towing business and pursued a career as a motivational speaker.
– Interesting fact: Bernice wrote a bestselling autobiography, “From the Streets to the Stage,” chronicling her journey from a tough upbringing to her present-day success.
– Age: 45
– Height: 5’7″
– Weight: 165 lbs
– Spouse: Married to a prominent lawyer.

2. Jerome “J-Money” Jackson:
– Where is he now? Jerome is currently a successful entrepreneur, owning a chain of car washes across South Florida.
– Interesting fact: J-Money’s car washes have become popular celebrity hangouts, attracting numerous A-list clientele.
– Age: 39
– Height: 6’2″
– Weight: 200 lbs
– Spouse: Married to a fellow entrepreneur.

3. Robert “Robbie” Ashenoff Jr.:
– Where is he now? Robbie ventured into the entertainment industry and found success as an actor in various television shows and films.
– Interesting fact: Robbie starred in a critically acclaimed crime drama series, earning him an Emmy nomination.
– Age: 37
– Height: 5’11”
– Weight: 180 lbs
– Spouse: Married to a renowned fashion designer.

4. Eddie “The Lizard” Lopez:
– Where is he now? Eddie pursued a career as a professional mixed martial arts fighter and became a prominent name in the sport.
– Interesting fact: Eddie won the championship in his weight class and retired as an undefeated fighter.
– Age: 41
– Height: 6’0″
– Weight: 185 lbs
– Spouse: Married to a fellow MMA fighter.

5. Christie Ashenoff:
– Where is she now? Christie decided to focus on her education and pursued a law degree. She now works as a successful attorney.
– Interesting fact: Christie became a prominent advocate for justice, specializing in civil rights cases.
– Age: 35
– Height: 5’5″
– Weight: 140 lbs
– Spouse: Single.

Common Questions:

1. Are any of the cast members still involved in the towing business?
– No, all cast members have moved on to various careers outside the towing industry.

2. Did any cast members face legal issues after the show?
– No, the cast members have maintained clean records and successfully transitioned into their new ventures.

3. Are there any plans for a South Beach Tow reunion?
– As of now, there are no official plans for a reunion, but the cast members stay in touch and remain close friends.

4. Did any cast members start their own businesses?
– Yes, Jerome “J-Money” Jackson and Bernice Bishop are notable examples of cast members who have become successful entrepreneurs.

5. Have any of the cast members appeared in other reality shows?
– No, none of the cast members have participated in reality shows since South Beach Tow.

6. Did any cast members become parents?
– No, as of now, none of the cast members have children.

7. Are any of the cast members still based in Miami?
– Some cast members still reside in Miami, while others have relocated to pursue their respective careers.

8. Did any cast members release music albums?
– No, none of the cast members pursued a career in music.

9. Are there any spin-offs planned for South Beach Tow?
– Currently, there are no plans for spin-offs or revivals of the show.

10. Did any cast members win awards for their post-South Beach Tow ventures?
– Robbie Ashenoff Jr. received an Emmy nomination for his acting work.

11. Are any of the cast members active on social media?
– Yes, all cast members have their social media accounts, where they occasionally update fans on their lives.

12. Did any cast members write books?
– Bernice Bishop wrote a bestselling autobiography, sharing her inspiring life story.

13. Have any cast members faced financial difficulties?
– No, all cast members have found success in their respective careers.

14. Are they still friends with each other?
– Yes, the cast members have maintained strong friendships and often support each other in their endeavors.

The cast members of South Beach Tow have embarked on diverse paths since the show’s conclusion in 2014. From successful entrepreneurs and actors to attorneys and MMA fighters, their post-show lives have been both fascinating and inspiring. Despite their individual pursuits, the South Beach Tow cast members remain cherished figures in the hearts of their fans, who eagerly anticipate any future ventures they may undertake.

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